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Mr. Chew Hua Seng
Chairman and Executive Director


Mr. Chew Hua Seng was born on July 1954. Mr. Chew is the founder, chairman and executive officer of REC. Mr. Chew obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Singapore (now known as the National University of Singapore) in May 1979 and was awarded the National University of Singapore Business School Eminent Business Alumni Awards in November 2010 for his outstanding achievements. Mr. Chew was conferred the Public Service Medal by the President of Singapore for his contribution to community service in 2010.






Liu Yingchun 

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director


Mr. Liu was born on February 1964, he obtained a diploma in business economy from the Renmin University of China in June 1988 through distance education. Mr. Liu is registered as a valuer with the China Appraisal Society in April 1998, and he is a qualified  auditor accredited by the  National Audit Office of the PRC in November 1992.









Richard Leong

Financial Controller


Mr. Leong, aged 49,graduated from the National University of Singapore with a

Master Degree in Science(Real Estate)and has a Certificate in Higher Accounting

awarded by LCCT. 










Zhang Jianguang 

Director of Human Resource and Administration 

Mr. Zhang was born on September 1979, he obtained a master's degree in business administration from the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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