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Addr:NO.100,ZhangHeng Road Oriental University City,Langfang Economic and Technical Development Zone,Hebei,China
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Oriental University City (“OUC”) is a district located in Langfang Economic and Technological Development Zone. It was one of the earliest university city established in the PRC in 1999. It is 40km away from Beijing city and 60km away from Tianjin city and connected to the Beijing-Shanghai expressway network and closed to other major transport networks in Beijing and Tianjin, such as Beijing Capital International Airport, Daxing International Airport, Tianjin Binhai international Airport, Beijing-Shanghai high speed train railway network, and direct public bus from Beijing to Langfang city. OUC is also in close proximity to Beijing Daxing Industrial Development Zone, Tianjin Binhai New Area and Tianjin Jingbin Industrial Zone, where there is a high concentration of foreign and domestic companies engaging in aviation, service industrial and information technology.

We own and lease education facilities, comprising primarily teaching buildings and dormitories to education institutions in the PRC and Southeast Asia. Apart from education facilities leasing, in order to serve the daily needs of students and staff, our business, to much lesser extent, includes commercial leasing. We lease buildings and premises to tenants operating a range of supporting facilities, including hospital,grocery stores, laundry shops, internet cafes and canteen.

Our campus Site currently occupies a gross site area of approximately 731mu (487,270sq.m.) in OUC. On our campus, we own teaching buildings with a GFA of approximately 119,453 sq.m. and dormitories with a GFA of approximately 144,490 sq.m. We hosted more than 10 education institutions in our campus.

NO.100,ZhangHeng Road Oriental University City,Langfang Economic and Technical Development Zone,Hebei,China
Zip Code:065001
Tel:+86 (0) 316 6056302