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Education is a long-term project. It's the foundation of the future of our people and nation. Education is a significant driving force of economy and technology development. Since the reform and opening more than four decades ago, the education sector of our country has made significant progress. But there are still challenges in the sector, such as less than optimal allocation of educational resources, unbalanced regional development, shortage in educational innovation. It has become a responsibility for the whole society to improve education development.


Oriental University City is one of the earliest university city established in the PRC. We continue to strive to provide high quality education facilities and services for our contract colleges and actively promoting innovations in education. The new era means new opportunities, new challenges and new responsibilities to the education. We strive to make OUC to be a leading education training hub in the PRC.


Looking back, I am grateful to all our shareholders for their support, trust and confidence in OUC.


Liu Yingchun